Local 444 Casino Unit

What We Stand For

Unifor strives to protect the economic rights of our members and every member of the workforce (employed or unemployed). Unifor advocates for and defends the economic rights of working people, safer workplaces, secure employment, wages and benefits that provide a decent standard of living and dignity and respect in the workplace. What we wish for ourselves, we wish for others. Every person of working age in Canada has a right to a good job and the benefits of economic progress. We’ll work with other unions, individuals, organizations and communities to make these goals a reality.

These are the core principles that define and drive Unifor's work:


Democratic values are the foundation of all that we do. Our commitment to the principles and practices of democratic unionism define who we are and are reflected in our rules, structures and processes.


Unity is the process of transforming individual aspirations into collective interests and action. It is based on equality.

Open and Inclusive

Engagement happens when ideas are welcome, involvement is encouraged and when the union actively develops the skills and understanding of its members.


Our goal is transformative. To reassert common interest over private interest. Our goal is to change our workplaces and our world.

Accountable and Transparent

Unifor is committed to good governance, fair representation and clear rules and practices.


Unifor will react quickly, respond effectively, set decisively and maintain a clear focus on our objectives.


Engagement happens when ideas are welcome, involvement is encouraged and when the union actively develops the skills and understanding of its members.


Our goal is an organization capable of vigorously defending ourselves, protecting and advancing our interest and fighting for all workers.


The union is shaped by our relationships, by how we treat and care for each other. It is evident in the day-to-day bonds of fellowship and friendship, it is found in the expressions of respect and mutual support, and it is witnessed in the acts of cooperation and interdependence, and by our commitment to anti-harassment.

Gender and Equity

Unifor is fully committed to equity and inclusion. Women, Racialized and Aboriginal Workers, Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgendered Workers, Young Workers, Workers with Disabilities and other Equity seeking groups, will be represented in the structures of the union at all levels.

Union Renewal and Generational Change

The strength and dynamism of Unifor, at all levels, is based on union renewal. How the structures and practices of the union evolve over time; how the union is open to and receives new ideas, and how the union renews its leadership by making space for the next generation.


The responsibility of leadership is to build the strategic determinants of union strength – membership levels, bargaining power, mobilizing capacity, political influence – and to guide and shape the union with a compelling vision.


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